My Wishlist

[UPDATE] Now that I'm actually sewing garments I'm going to try and keep my wishlist up to date with new patterns I want to make and taking off the ones I have accomplished.

Since I've been getting back into sewing and especially since I've started reading sewing blogs all the time I have got a list of things I want to make that is as long as my monkey arms. I scribbled down a list whilst on a tea break the other day and have since lost the scrap of paper, which is not a big surprise. So I decided I would immortalise my to do list on here.

The following are in no particular order, mainly because I can't decide what to do first and every other day I see something new that someone has made and add that to the list!

Vogue V1190

Colette Sewing Handbook - I've had this for ages but still haven't made any of the patterns up

Sewaholic Cambie

Colette Violet

Colette Ceylon
Papercut Watson Jacket

There were so many more on my lost list but I'll add them as I remember and I'm sure I'll find something else in a minute too!

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