Friday, 20 July 2012


I've washed my duvet cover (fresh sheets are the best things in the world!), folded my washing, made some soup and pre-ordered Gertie's New Book for Better for Sewing. What am I doing? You got it, procrastinating. Whilst I should be writing a CPD plan for work instead I thought it would be the prefect time to do a quick post about my new pin cushion kilner jar.

Here's one I made earlier
I think I must have first seen this on Pinterest but I can't remember exactly where. Since then I've found tons of tutorial's online. I made this as a gift for a friend who sadly just left work (no more tea breaks talking about sewing) and filled-ish it with sewing goodies, although admittedly some of was my seconds. Sorry.

Anyway, I made one for myself at the same time and I love it! It's so handy sitting right next to my machine. The pin cushion is much softer than my others so the pins go in really easily and it can't roll around anywhere. Perfect for keeping all my bits and bobs in too.

PS. I had a very productive sewing weekend last week and will blog the fruits of my labour this weekend!

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