Thursday, 2 May 2013

Me Made May - Day 2

Welcome along to my little corner of Me Made May 13!

Today is the second day of MMM 13 but this is my first post. My pledge is to wear two handmade garments each week and although this is my first post I actually wore a me made yesterday too! Unfortunately, I was in London for work yesterday so I was up super early and back super late so after a day on the train and the rest of day sitting in meetings a photo was not going to do me or my clothes any justice.

Which brings me on to today, my first official Me Made day and I'm so excited to be taking part in something with so many other sewers.

Sorbetto top - fabric bought from Walthamstow market for £4/m. Black half circle skirt.  Frowny face.

I made the half circle skirt sometime last summer using Casey's sewalong instructions and have worn it absolutely tons! The fabric is a pretty stiff moleskin type fabric, at first I thought it was a bit too stiff and sticky-outy but now I love the shape it ends up. I didn't line the skirt which was a massive mistake and I can often be found wandering around with my skirt halfway up my legs, but I still wear it all the time anyway! Must put another one on the to-do list.

I made the Sorbetto a week or two ago and was super proud to be wearing it when I met my little nephew for the first time last week! I had a bit of trouble with sewing 1/2" binding on so I made the neckline binding 2cm instead, that little bit of extra width helped a lot and I think it looks much better. Some of the other pictures I've seen look like they've got wider binding on but I haven't seen any mention of it.

So, MMM to be continued...

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